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Who is The Hair Transplant Done to

Who is The Hair Transplant Done to? Anyone who has baldness or hair loss problems in accordance with general conditions can have hair transplantation. Thanks to this method, which allows hair to regrow naturally as before, baldness and hair loss are no longer insoluble problems. This method, which is applied by many women, men, famous, consonant, young and old people, is generally suitable for most people.

Who is hair transplantation applied to?

  • Hair loss due to age, hormones and genes,
  • Nudity in the hair and eyebrows after a burn or accident,
  • Hair loss that occurs after some diseases,
  • No hair regrowth after chemotherapy,
  • Hair ratio falling below 50%,
  • The appearance of clumps of baldness in some areas,
  • Eyebrows falling out and not coming out all of a sudden,
  • It is applied in cases of sudden loss of hair and onset of baldness..

    Who is The Hair Transplant Done to
    Who is The Hair Transplant Done to

Age and gender don’t matter. This process is evaluated according to the results of the blood test and hair analysis done to the people before the application. In other words, transplantation is applied to everyone who does not have significant health problems. However, in some special cases, hair transplantation should not be performed.


To whom is hair transplantation not applied?

  • Experiencing important health problems such as heart, diabetes, kidney disease.
  • Being sensitive to the anesthesia procedure that should be done before hair transplantation.
  • In women, breastfeeding or being pregnant.
  • The hair transplant area is very sensitive. Hair transplantation cannot be performed in cases where there is no hair left, even if there is only a single strand, and there is complete baldness.

As a result

“To who is the hair transplantation done to?” and “To whom hair transplantation is not applied?” We have given the answers to the questions in items. If you are complaining about hair loss, you can evaluate these situations and test whether you are suitable. Then, you can get your old hair back in a short time by choosing a method accordingly.